Go therefore and make disciples...

Who We Are

First Baptist Church of Clovis are essentially a group of people, who are nowhere near perfect, but are seeking, building, and trusting Jesus.
It's through Jesus' love that lives are changed and we desire to see more people experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Where We are Going

We strive to increase connection between our people and God, and our people with others. Found people find people. So we believe in creating safe places for questions where people can find love, grace, and acceptance. The good news that Jesus brings is more than 10 rules to live a better life, it's about relationship with God and others.

We want to be a community of people who encourage and love one another, who equip seekers and believers to grow in their understanding of scripture, their faith, and their love of Jesus Christ.

We Invite You

So we invite you to come as you are,
with all your questions, to experience, Jesus. We all want some sense of hope, purpose and community. We challenge you to seek Jesus because in Him you'll find all three.

Connect with us.

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