What we believe about Scripture
We believe The Bible is God's love letter to His people. That it's a testament of how God used his creation to deliver His message, record the struggle to respond accordingly, and His ultimate plan to save His people. We believe in it's authority and inherency because Jesus believed in it's authority and inherency, and has proven to be reliable historically, geographically, and archeologically.
What we believe about man
We believe that men and women have been created in God's image and designed for community with Him and others. We believe every human is deserving of love despite what they can offer, and while people will fail to love, Jesus' love is perfect.
What we believe about sin
We believe it's sin that separate us from God, and sin is more than the wrongs that we do, or even the rights that we do. We believe sin to be the heart condition of continuing to try and be our own lord and our own savior, and the only thing that can save us from this heart condition is Jesus transforming Love and Grace.
What we believe about forgiveness
We believe that forgiveness only comes when we first admit we have something that needs to be forgiven(confession), and believe in Jesus and choose to move closer to Him(repentance).
What we believe about Salvation
We believe we are saved from not only the badness, but also our goodness. Jesus died not to make good people better, but to make dead people alive. We become alive when we fully accept the work that has been done for us through Jesus. That it is by grace through faith in Jesus' death and resurrection that we experience new life.