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Volunteer in Children's Ministry

Children’s Ministry volunteers get a front row seat to life change. As these kids learn about the bible and what God has done for them, you get to see their eyes, minds and hearts open as they come to know and love Jesus for themselves.

For some kids who don’t have a Christian home, you might be the sole person telling them about Jesus and what he’s done for them. What greater job could there be?

Classroom Teacher

CM-VolunteerOur classroom teachers have the awesome job of loving kids and teaching the bible to them. Your job will be to prepare and present the lessons and activities, based on the curriculum you will be provided with. But most importantly, your job will be to build relationships with the children in your class, so that they can see the love of God through you.

If you want to get involved in Children’s Ministry but don’t want to jump straight in to being the main classroom teacher, then you can be a classroom assistant and just get to know kids by helping them with their activities and playing with them.

We have a three step process to becoming a Sunday School teacher:

  1. Fill out the application form, available from a Children's Ministry leader.
  2. Meet with Dawn, our Children’s Ministry Director.
  3. A background check will be performed on you to verify if you’re eligible to work with children


Other Service Opportunities

If you don’t have the desire to work with children, but want to help out with this very important ministry, then there are various background opportunities in which to serve which would allow our sunday school teachers and ministry leaders to have more time to connect with the kids and their families. These jobs include classroom and activity preparation, cleaning up after class, and many more. To find out current needs, please contact Dawn, our Children’s Ministry Director.